The Institute, which is an initiative by TASAM Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies, will begin its works by a team of experts with a competitive edge, including academics, designers/engineers and strategists in “biomimicry” and further expand its fields of work to the degree which it will be include science, arts, industry, business groups and public organizations.


There has been a slight recovery from global environmental crisis depending on the relative decrease in industrial activities and transportation services and as a positive result of the world...


The ways and means that animals or plants use in satisfying their natural needs and overcoming environmental difficulties have led researchers and designers to understand and imitate nature in...


Scientists and experts from the professions such as management, business and organization have already started to show more interest in this biomimicry concept, due to the fact that the recent


The Institute will not only guide the discussions about the entire spectrum of research areas in question, such as providing solutions to the problems with technology, economy, society and politics, following-up and uplifting relevant international actions, sharing experiences, improving Science Diplomacy and Thought Diplomacy activities in particular, and being a "role model" in sectoral deepening, but also contribute to revealing the role and position of biomimicry, design and strategy instruments in development, raising a common awareness underpinned by various activities between Turkey and other countries, developing cooperation and increasing civil societal interaction.