A Mimicry Institute is established as a first of its kind in our country not only to contribute to relevant national scientific or sectoral innovative efforts at collaborative events and meetings, but also to study and research about huge high-quality added value potential of biomimicry in all areas of life from innovation to recycling, from creativity to sustainability, from design to arts, from research to development, from production to marketing, from education to health, from transportation to defense and from management to strategy.

The Institute, which is an initiative by TASAM Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies, will begin its works by a team of experts with a competitive edge, including academics, designers/engineers and strategists in “biomimicry” and further expand its fields of work to the degree which it will be include science, arts, industry, business groups and public organizations.


Mimicry Institute aims to make academic contribution to creativity and sustainability aspects of social development policies and to develop national and global proactive interactions and suggestions about biomimicry-based design and strategy development. It also aims to make innovative contribution to enterprises in terms of competition in global markets, growing and shifting or repositioning demand, productivity, cost-effectiveness, profitability, as well as search for new markets and entrepreneurial growth.

The Institute also aims to make academic contribution towards the discussion of raising awareness on the basis of biomimicry and in the context of improvement of social development, in addressing production/management needs and problems, in addition to cooperation efforts as part of Turkey’s innovative policy shifts, strategic outputs and interaction, and national capacity building. Mimicry Institute, which is planned to be established within the framework of these considerations, also aims to develop a systematic and proactive approach in order to identify and understand the current and possible high-impact changes in a more effective way.