The Institute will not only guide the discussions about the entire spectrum of research areas in question, such as providing solutions to the problems with technology, economy, society and politics, following-up and uplifting relevant international actions, sharing experiences, improving Science Diplomacy and Thought Diplomacy activities in particular, and being a “role model” in sectoral deepening, but also contribute to revealing the role and position of biomimicry, design and strategy instruments in development, raising a common awareness underpinned by various activities between Turkey and other countries, developing cooperation and increasing civil societal interaction.


The Institute, in this context, will provide certain services such as preparing periodic strategic reports on Turkey’s partners and potential partner countries, providing research, analyze, information, coordination, organization and communication services. The Institute will also give report support to actions and activities planned by public authorities by analyzing more effectively the views of biomimicry and biomimetic experts, and sharing the emergency assessment executive summaries produced in times of crisis and tension with the relevant authorities.

The psychological threshold for Turkey to come out well over its regional and global engagements and to uplift and expand the scope of its international cooperation is sectoral and strategic deepening. Mimicry Institute will undertake such an important mission that meets the sectoral needs emerging in this context.

The Mission of the Institute can be introduced under 3 topics:

  • Modeling studies on product, system, strategy and doctrine; developing training, interaction, and transformation programs based on these models; and processes (in collaboration with other actors such as public institutions, universities, other educational institutions, economic organizations, private sector, NGOs, media, etc.)
  • Innovation, research and publications (which will be shared with local/global actors as part of activities) that will contribute to strengthening the vision of production, management and socio-economic competition.
  • Sustainable events, both national and international levels (and all of which focus on sharing/improving the outputs of the vision developed by the institute), for biomimicry-based design and strategy development.